Science Is More Than Just An Academic Subject

Human progress throughout history has largely rested on advances in science, which is one of the oldest and most important academic disciplines, and covers a wide variety of subjects. Science helps our understanding of the world around us since we’re surrounded by the products of science every day and the immensely complex natural world surrounding us illustrates infinite scientific concepts.

A Guide to Tackling Secondary School's 'O' Level Chemistry

For the majority in Singapore, and possibly elsewhere where the English language is also used, the term 'Chemical Education' no doubt sounds familiar enough and many may have some idea of what this term conjures. The opportunities for learning Chemistry increase as pupils continue into secondary school. At the lower secondary level, all children are taught General Science, with Chemistry and Physics taking about 30% each of the syllabus and Biology, the remaining 40%. After these common courses, students may specialize in the upper secondary school years.

Tips To Find the Best Math Tuition in Singapore

Do you ever think why your child is weak at math? Many children are weak in math because of lack of resource, incompetent tutors, unusual schedule, bad environment etc. If you want to improve your ranks in math, the best option is to discover a best math tuition to assist you. But, the problem is that not every math tuition is the same. That’s why here we will share some great tips to find the best math tuition in Singapore.

Why Group Size Matters in Math Tuition

Many years ago when I was studying in one of Singapore’s top secondary schools in Singapore, Mathematics used to be my problem subject and I remember going for tuition class in the bid to improve my grades. Unfortunately, I benefited little from tuition there. With so many students per session, the tutor had little time to coach each of us individually and I always left the class as clueless as before. After a while, my mum found me another private tutor who only coached a maximum of three students per session; I went on to ace my ‘O’ Level Math and the rest is history. Fast forward to the present and I guess small-group tuition continues to be the preference for many parents and students after all these years.

Ionic Equation (2)

In my previous video, we have learnt to write ionic equations with state symbols of the compounds provided. This video teaches you to write ionic equations when state symbols are not given. You will learn to use the solubility table of compounds to help you determine the state symbols. The content of this video is based on the Singapore GCE O Level Chemistry Syllabus and is suitable for Sec 3 and Sec 4 students. Students who are taking GCSE, IP, IB (SL) Exams will find this lesson relevant to their studies as well.

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