Express Mathematics tuition for Singapore secondary school students​

June 26, 2017

Express Mathematics tuition for Singapore secondary school students​

Since the independence in 1965, education has always been an area of focus in Singapore. The country did not have the natural resources to thrive over and focused on developing its human resource and manpower capability to prosper. The focus on education worked and Singapore moved from 3rd world to 1st world level largely thanks to its high-quality education. And today, education is as important as yesterday to keep up with the needs of knowledge based economy.

Singapore secondary education system places students on four tracks also known as streams depending on their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results held at the end of Primary 6. These streams are named Integrated Programme, Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) and are designed to match the learning abilities and interests of the students. Normally, the students are either placed in Express course or Normal academic or technical courses. The secondary education lasts 4 to 5 years.

The Express courses are designed to make students achieve their “O” level in four years and to attend to junior colleges and centralized institutes (students taking normal academic or technical streams will either take an extra fifth year to study the “O” level or will go to polytechnics or institutes of technical education).

Most students in Singapore qualifies to express stream. In 2015, about 66.2% of pupils who took 2015 PSLE, almost 2 in every 3 students, qualify for Express stream in secondary school.  In the same year, 21.7 per cent of 2015's pupils were eligible for the Normal (Academic) stream and 10.4 per cent made it to the Normal (Technical) stream.

Knowledge based economy of the 21st century keeps mathematics as one of the most fundamental skills and mathematics courses an important subject in Singapore national curriculum. Mathematics is essential to have a good place in the career ladder for an individual and Singapore education mathematics curriculum is designed to enable all students to master mathematics.

An important part of this mathematics education is the mathematics in Singapore secondary schools which takes 4 to 5 days of a student’s education life. To cover all the important aspects of mathematics for students at an important age for their education, O-Level Mathematics syllabus for the Singapore secondary education system is organized around 3 content strands: Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement and Statistics and Probability.  These strands, mathematical processes, include reasoning, communication and connections, application and modelling and comprise skills involved in the process of acquiring and applying mathematical knowledge.

Although intuitive and high quality, the O-Level Mathematics syllabus like many other syllabuses in Singapore can also be challenging. A student may find himself or herself falling behind the topics, not understanding the content and also performing poorly in exams. In this situation, extra hours of study, more one to one or smaller group studies may be needed. In this situation, tuition is something which may have a significant help.

In fact, education environment in Singapore is quite competitive as the parents are quite focused on success and anxious about their children’s success. This made tuition in Singapore a necessity more than a luxury.  The extra hours and greater individual attention in smaller tuition classes can provide students the edge needed to climb up in Singapore's competitive education system. The private tuition is so common that a poll by The Straits Times newspaper in 2008 showed only 3 out of 100 students interviewed did not have any form of private tuition.

A high qualityExpress Mathematics tuition for Singapore secondary school studentscan significantly help students to improve the student’s results. An experienced teacher and top-quality materials will improve in your Secondary Level Mathematics examination. Sometimes you will also need tuition for Mathematics because your child may fall behind in understanding and following the classes in the school. If this is the case, the extra tuition can have a significant help.

There are many express mathematics tuitions for Singapore secondary school students today. Parents need to evaluate many criteria and choose a good tuition class and a tutor to get the best available for their kids. When looking for express mathematics tuition, parent should look for several qualities in tuition classes:

Tutor should have significant and reputable experience in the given subjectTuition classes should consist of small groups such as 2 to 5 people. This way, each student can have the individual attention needed.

Supplementary materials like worksheets and exam papers should be provided.

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