The Top 10 Reasons for Learning Math with a Math Tutor

June 28, 2018

The Top 10 Reasons for Learning Math with a Math Tutor

Some say Math is like marmite: you either love it or you hate it. Some quite like algebra and calculus, others prefer geometry and trigonometry or mental Math. Most can agree that studying Math has an important place both in our education system and in our society.

But why do we need Math
We need it for moths problem-solving and making sense of our surroundings. Getting help from a one to one moths tutor for exam preparation can set you up for a successful career in fields such as accounting, catering, chemistry, physics, and social sciences.

What are the qualities of an ideal tutor
You need to find someone who can assess your strengths and weaknesses to build you a tailored learning plan that will help you to succeed. The teacher will reassure you throughout your progress, explain the points you are having trouble with and find different methods of teaching difficult concepts to make you the best mathematician you can be!

Top 10 reasons to try Math tuition Create a Math foundation early on.
Mathematics is constantly building on prior knowledge. Getting help early on will keep your child from getting behind and give them a leg up when new concepts are presented.

Give your child a one-on-one instruction.
It can be difficult for classroom teacher to focus on the needs of one child when classes are large, filled with a variety of learners and fast-paced. A tutor can help your child with their specific needs and provide them with the individualized help they need.

Build self-esteem and confidence.
Tutoring will help your child to comprehend mathematics better which gives them more confidence in the classroom.

Focus on the strengths.
Tutoring can also help the advanced math student by focusing on their strengths and building upon them.

Assist common core.
Tutors know the importance of common core mathematics standards and will be able to effectively help students.

Helps with transitions.
If your child switching schools for any reason the new curriculum could be somewhat different. Tutoring can help your child get on track with the new school’s topics.

Ease embarrassment or shame.
A student who is struggling may be hesitant to ask for help in the classroom. However a private tutoring session will help your child feel at ease to ask questions and for clarifications.

Keep up during down times.
During longer breaks such as holidays, winter or summer breaks tutoring is a great way to keep math skills fresh in the mind of your child.

Standardized test success.
Tutoring can help your child perform well on standardized math tests at any age.

Reduce homework struggles.
If your child is struggling with homework and your home is becoming a battleground in the afternoons or evenings math tutoring will certainly reduce or illuminate issues with homework.

There are many great ways personalized math tutoring can help a child at any age. Don't wait for signs of difficulty contact us today to give your kid a leg up this school year.​


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