Benefits of Working with a Math Tutor​

February 15, 2018

Benefits of Working with a Math Tutor​

Private tutoring is becoming increasingly popular, which is hardly surprising as it is particularly effective in improving not only a student’s academic grades, but also their practical understanding of wide range of subjects.

At times students may hesitate to get extra tutoring help for math, as they feel it reflects negatively on their abilities. Needing a tutor is not a sign of intellectual weakness! There are many benefits to enlisting the services of a specialized math tutoring program. Here are 3 benefits of private tuition for students.

Customised lessons
One of the biggest advantages of private math tuition is that lessons can easily be customised to suit each student. Whereas in school a student may be at a disadvantage, if, for example they work at a different pace to the rest of the class, or need to focus more attention on a specific aspect of the course, private tuition largely negates these problems. Learners will benefit from the fact that a tutor can adjust the pace, focus and goals of a lesson depending on the needs and abilities of the student, meaning that learning efficiency will be maximised.

One-to-one teaching, more time and attention
Another huge positive gained from private tuition is the amount of time a student will receive from a teacher. As private tuition is usually on a one-to-one basis, teachers can focus their attention fully on a student. With less distractions, the tutor is better able to appreciate and work on a student’s weak points, making the whole learning process more effective.

Increased confidence
Tutors and students are able to work much more closely and develop stronger relationships than would otherwise be possible in a larger class. The impact that this can have on a student is profound, as teachers will be able to get to know their students better, and so will find it easier to spot potential problems and give them assistance. For shy students, being in a learning environment with less people can also help them to express themselves, as they are under less pressure from their peers.

It is important to note that every individual learns new skills at varying paces and in different ways. In a large classroom setting, it can be challenging for a teacher to meet the individual needs of every pupil. The extra support of one-on-one tutoring allows a personal approach, allowing you to review and master the material at your own pace, even taking your ability beyond what you might achieve in a large class setting.

Taking the curriculum material covered in class, your tutor ensures that it is explained and reviewed to fit your learning style and pace. In addition to working with the material covered in your regular classroom lessons, your tutor will provide additional related practice exercises and tests. The additional practice boosts understanding, retention and problem-solving strategies. Once the material is well understood and you are confident in what you have learned, applying that knowledge in a regular classroom can be much more achievable.


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